Our Mission

To make it as simple as possible for your business to source food and beverage directly from producers and suppliers.

Our Team

Together, with our creative and diverse global team, we make accessible technology products that make your life easier, save you time and money whilst having a positive impact on the communities we you live and work

Create Opportunity

Currently it’s a lot of effort to source products with individual suppliers. We make it easy by bringing them all together in one easy portal. It is our aim to democratise the supply chain, offer opportunity to everyone regardless of size, create jobs, increase transparency and increase efficiency

Encourage Localisation

We make it easy for you to support producers in your local area. Do you stock local coffee in your office? Are your butchers based in your region? Where is your tea from? By sourcing through your community 68% of your spend is going to stay in there and 93% of your employees would say that sourcing locally is a top priority.

Encourage sustainablility

If you can save money and help the planet then why wouldn’t you? By going local you can often find great deals and your food miles will be far less than trekking out and buying from some faceless corporation. Sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet though. We intend to build long term business relationships with our stakeholders and encourage stable growth and employment in our sector. We want businesses and consumers making better choices in every way, for the foreseeable future.

Control costs
Control ingredient costs and lock in prices for set times with full transparency

Order with ease
Easily place and track orders from multiple suppliers. Increase or decrease stock levels as required
Human Support
Speak to a real person, call us if you need

Streamline payments
Connect directly to your bank account, automate your payment terms, let our software do all the work